Jet Pro designs air freight programs for discriminating customers who demand cold chain protection and food safety. We hold the exclusive rights for a cold chain preservation system known as Thermo Defense®.The system insulates perishables for both domestic and international travel and it utilizes high performance insulation materials along with icing technology to maintain the coldness necessary for perishables being shipped by ground, air or sea to even the warmest climates. With the Thermo Defense®system, the perishables are properly packed and stored for transit with temperatures being preserved to prevent heat damage and chill injury to the perishables. The products (available for sale) related to Thermo Defense® represent the only true food safe shipping containers for the air cargo industry.

Jet Pro also is the first U.S. Air Freight & Distribution Company to provide U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“TSA”) approved “food safe” screening via EMIS Electromagnetic Technology. Finally, we offer a dedicated customer service that understands air freight and distribution. Jet Pro is a focused company offering the best possible air freight forwarding services to specific market places.