TSA Approved Screening Facilities

On August 1, 2010, the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”), in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, mandated 100% screening of all cargo placed on U.S. origin air carriers for transit.  By 2013, this mandate will also apply to all imports coming into the United States. Jet Pro became the first and currently only U.S. transportation company to utilize the EMIS Electronic Inspection Scanner for cargo screening. When compared to X-ray scanners and other screening methods, the EMIS offers food safe features that make it the proper and optimum scanning device for the perishable industry.  Consider the following comparison:

Food Safe screening?  The X-ray machines use ionizing radiation to form a picture whereas the EMIS uses a magnetic field to search for metal compounds. Many of Jet Pro’s “natural food” shippers would prefer not to have their organic or conventional items exposed to X-ray radiation.

Boxes packed tightly with perishable commodities are too dense for X-ray technology to accurately display a “see through” picture. Failure to “see through” a screened item sets off an alarm and requires an alternative screening method.

Fresh produce items are likely to have fertilizer residues that can set off X-ray alarms. Once alarmed, there is a mandated secondary screening process which involves an intensive inspection and screening; this process includes additional handling and is very time consuming.

The EMIS device is much smaller than X-ray machines. Consequently, all of Jet Pro’s scanning procedures will be completed under refrigeration thereby preserving and protecting  the cold chain.

Moreover, Jet Pro’s warehouses and operation facilities go beyond the TSA’s requirements for screening cargo. In addition to background checks for all employees and specified training, Jet Pro has installed surveillance cameras at all entry points and within our cold rooms.

As of August 1, 2010, TSA mandated 100% screening of all cargo placed on U.S. air carriers for transit. With this command from TSA, Jet Pro immediately researched and investigated screening technology. It was learned that the typical screening in the market utilized ionizing radiation. Jet Pro knew that no consumer would be in favor of eating radiated food. As a result, it found the EMIS Electromagnetic Inspection Scanner. With EMIS, scanning is conducted with a low intensity magnetic field that does not interact with perishable foods. At great capital investment, Jet Pro has acquired EMIS scanners and it has become the first U.S. Air Freight & Distribution Company to provide TSA approved “food safe” screening. In fact, TSA is most impressed with EMIS screening and it is working with Jet Pro in developing proper protocols regarding the use of EMIS for the screening of perishables prior to air transit.