Cold Chain

The Cold Chain

Cold chain maintenance in the supply chain is the key component in preserving product freshness and extending the shelf life of foods. Our state-of-the-art Cold Storage Facilities at airport gateways and final destinations are an essential link in the chain. What separates Jet Pro from other logistics providers is the ability to extend the cold chain in areas that lack the necessary electrical power such as Airport warehouses, Airline tarmacs, aircraft cargo holds, and at final destination airport locations. The use of Jet Pro’s proprietary cold chain preservation system (Thermo Defense®) along with Insulation Products allows it the ability to Thermostatically Control shipping environments, which preserves the Cold Chain.

Seven Simple Steps

  1. Point of Origin
  2. Cold Truck Pickup
  3. Receiving & Preparation
  4. Shipment
  5. Retrieval at airport
  6. Cold Truck Delivery
  7. Final Delivery